This is a complete bibliography of all resources used by the Open Data Institute training courses.

The Tiger That Isn't
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ISBN 978-1846681110
[Amazon Link]

Open Data Now
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Semantic Web Programming
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R Programming for Data Science
Roger D. Peng
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[Publishers Link]

Contemporary Intellectual Property: Law and Policy
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ISBN 978-0199575329
[Amazon Link]

Best practices in data cleaning: a complete guide to everything you need to do before and after collecting your data
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ISBN 978-1412988018
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Interactive Data Visualization for the Web
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ISBN 978-1449339739
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Information Visualization: Perception for Design
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The Visual Display of Quantitative Information
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Managing Innovation. Integrating Technological, Market and Orgnaizational Change
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Open Business Models: How To Thrive In The New Innovation Landscape
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Managing Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation
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